Catamarans For Sale In South Africa – Rather Use A Boat Broker To Buy

Catamarans For Sale In South Africa – Rather Use A Boat Broker To Buy

catamarans for sale in south africa

Catamaran Peace

The decision to buy a catamaran is not an easy one but you have made it. Many people will just do this on their own; however, the ideal way of doing it is by acquiring the services of a specialist who can walk you through all the required steps of selecting the one that suits your requirements from the huge variety of catamarans for sale in South Africa.

I cannot emphasize the importance of using a boat broker  to much. With a vast variety of catamarans for sale out there, a broker will find a list of the most suitable candidates according to your preference for you to select from, including those which are not yet on the market. He is able to get in depth and useful information about them, make arrangements for viewing visits, and walk you through the legalities and take care of just about all the paperwork required when you’re ready to take the next big step of investing in your dream catamaran.

Except for the obvious; that is saving you time, money and stress; you will have the benefit of the broker’s current market knowledge, which can influence on when, where, and how to buy your vessel. Using a boat broker can also often assist you to make a deal at a better price which will help leverage your purchasing power. In his negotiation, he will also cover areas such as financing, terms, pre-sale inspections and any repair work. Logistics and coordinated support in legal, technical and operational nuances are all key advantages of allying with a broker as well.

Is This The Best Catamaran For Sale In South Africa For Me

The next critical step after sorting through the list of catamarans for sale and having found your dream catamaran, is the evaluation of the vessel which is done by a surveyor. Your broker will no doubt have his own checklist with respect to not only the contract but also sea-trial and survey. He will retain the best possible surveyor for you to perform the evaluation, review the surveyor’s points and suggestions, clarify them to you and advise you how best to renegotiate terms accordingly in order to salvage the deal. The best course of action takes a great deal of experience and know-how which only an expert will have.

The survey gives details of the catamaran’s condition, its systems and defects found, recommendations of repairs, and then the evaluation of its market value according to the findings. It will give you a better idea of what you’ll be paying for and raise your awareness of what necessary future maintenance to take in order to keep you and your passenger safe, and your investment secure. The surveyor’s report will also include recommendations on the long term suitability of your intended purchase, in relation to how and where you’ll be using it. His report will also be important when acquiring the insurance policy you’ll need.

What About All The Paperwork

The daunting but essential administrative tasks begin, once you and the seller have come to agreement, all of which will be thoroughly managed by your broker. The sequence of paperwork is imperative. There is a specific order of documentation, paperwork and money transfers and overlooking a single document can cause much headache and delays, jeopardizing the close of the deal.

Amongst all the catamarans for sale in South Africa, you’ve now found the vessel of your dreams, the price is right and you’ve paid the seller, but the vessel isn’t yours just yet until the seller signs off the title.

At this point in time, you can change the name of your catamaran, transfer ownership and renew the registration. When a boat is sold, it is your responsibility to apply for transfer of ownership or title within a certain time period. You will require legal proof of ownership from the seller’s bill of sale and crosscheck the boat’s details against the seller’s records. normally, the information you’ll need are name and address of the seller, boat type and colour, hull manufacturer’s name and construction material; overall length and breadth; engine number, make and type; engine fuel type and power units; and any previous registration numbers. As with most vehicle registration and change of ownership, there will be fees applicable payable by the buyer.

Your broker will also help you with this changeover process.

The Final Decision Is Yours

Buying your own catamaran is a significant investment at any level and it is certainly worth it to have the experience of one dedicated to representing your best interest. Without doubt, using a boat broker will smooth the way for you to buying your dream vessel. By employing one you’ll get a good start and he’ll get you looking through a catalogue of dream catamarans for sale in South Africa in no time.

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